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Backed by leaders in IT and Technology our support is available 24/7 and is 100% US based.

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Get up and running in minutes. Need help our deployment team is free to help setup your account.

Fantastic Savings

Most of our customers are enjoying savings up to 60% off of their current phone bill.

High Availability System

Hosted on Google Cloud in multiple regions giving us high availability of over 99.99%.

One Plan for All

We don’t nickle and dime our customers. Every feature we have is included in all our services.

No Up-front Costs

Worried about up-front costs. We have your back, rent phones from us and we will manage everything!

Apps All Over

Stay connected even away from your desk with our SureTel Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.

Custom Features

Our platform can support any custom feature. Check out our Idea Portal to see what’s in the works.

Get Started For Free!

Don’t take our word for it. Give our Business VoIP platform a try for free. We will even give you a free phone number to test with.

See Real Savings

Pricing excludes tax. Based on a company with 10 users and SureTel average of 30% line utilization. Competition data compiled from websites as of 8/1/2016. All comparison data is based on monthly pricing.

Comcast Business VoiceEdge

  • 10 Users / 10 Simultaneous Calls
  • 10 Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited US Calling
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Over 30 Standard PBX Features
  • 12 Month Contract Min
  • $299.50 One-Time Setup Fee

RingCentral Premium

  • 10 Users / 10 Simultaneous Calls
  • 10 Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited US Calling
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Over 30 Standard PBX Features
  • 99.99% Availability
  • Includes 2,500 Toll-Free Minutes
  • Contract Options

Nextiva Office Enterprise

  • 10 Users / 10 Simutaneous Calls
  • 10 Phone Numbers
  • Unlimited US Calling
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Over 30 Standard PBX Features
  • 99.99% Availability
  • Contract Options

SureTel Pricing

Lets get started today!

You don’t use all of your phones all of the time so why should you pay for them all of the time. We only charge for the calls you are making not idle desk phones


2-9 Simultaneous Calls



10-29 Simultaneous Calls



30+ Simultaneous Calls


What’s Included

Unlimited USA & Canada Calling

Presence and BLF*

Call Recording

Voicemail to Email

HD Voice

Web Controlled Provisioning*

Unified Communications

Call Screening

Call Queues


Follow-Me Anywhere

Dial by Name Directory

Intercom Calls

Inbound Caller-ID

Online Faxing

Number Portability

Call Screening

Powwow Online Meetings

(Coming Summer 2018)

Much More!


VoIP Phone Rentals : $4-$60/Month/Device

We have many great options available for purchase or rental. Our primary supported devices are Grandstream GXP series phones with our flagship being the Grandstream GXP2170. All of our phone options can be viewed on our signup page here.

Here are our most popular devices:


Grandstream GXP2170: $10/month or $129 onetime


Grandstream GXP2135: $8/month or $89 onetime


 Yealink SIP T21P: $4/month or $59 onetime



Local Phone Number (DID): $1.99/DID Bulk Discounts Available

We have phone numbers available in 99% of america area codes. Our online ordering tool will walk you through finding new numbers or you can port your existing numbers. Can’t find what you are looking for using our online tool give us a call and we can locate numbers using another vendor: 503-420-5110.

Toll-Free Phone Number: $1.99/DID + $0.025/minute – Bulk Discounts Available

Need a toll-free number? Don’t worry we have those too. You can use our online tool to find numbers that fit what you are looking for. If you are looking for more of a vanity number give us a call and we will see what we can find for you 503-420-5110.

Inbound Caller-ID: $1.00/DID Bulk Discounts Available

Want to see the name of the person calling you. This service can help. When enabled we dip into a nationwide database to pull the name of the person or business that is calling you.

Local E911 Service: $1.25/DID – Bulk Discounts Available

With SureTel we give you access to 911 services anywhere you need them. Just enable the service on your account and set your local address. Should you need to call 911 we will pass that information along to them to help get you routed to the right location. Please make sure if you use this service that you keep your address updated to ensure emergency services can find you if needed.

SMS Service: $1.00/DID – Bulk Discounts Available

Want to enable texting on your work phone number, we can help with that. Our apps are designed to send and receive SMS messages as your work number. Give out just your work number and communicate with your clients any way that works for them. Not all phone numbers are compatible with this service.

Still have Questions?

We believe in a hands on approach with our customers. We are always available to discuss your particular situation or give you a demo of our platform. We know once you see it you will be impressed too. Call us at 833-SURETEL(787-3835) or click below to schedule a call.